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Reach for Peak Antenna Performance

Wireless technology is everywhere. AEM Antennas specializes in the research and development of custom antenna technology for space.

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Antenna Radiation and Project Planning Consulting Services

  • Plan and architect your desired project
  • Improve antenna and feed efficiency
  • Select the best option for your use-case
antenna engineering
performing return loss vswr gain far field dielectric material measurement and test report generation

Antenna Testing and Material Testing Services

  • VSWR / Return Loss and Gain measurements
  • Far Field, Near Field, and Feed Network measurements
  • Dielectric Permittivity and Loss Tangent measurements

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proudly Canadian antenna engineering service provider
Asymmetric Orthomode Junction for Linear Polarized Antenna - Feed Network
Metallic 3d Printed Feed Horn

What are the advantages of a custom antenna?

Maximize Peak Antenna Performance
Maximizing peak antenna gain, EIRP/ERP, bandwidth, and radiation efficiency are just some of reasons why some customers choose a custom or embedded antenna. It could be through optimizing the antenna architecture or by enhancing the feed to reduce loss and increase radiation efficiency in the direction of operation.
Accommodate a Specific Application
IoT, wearables, broadcast Services, and satcom are just a few examples where our customers have struggled to find a Commercial Off-the-Shelf solution for their product. With tight integration challenges with multiband operation and links requiring to go the distance through obstacles, a custom solution allows for a successful outcome.
Specific Requirement for a Frequency Band or Multi-band Operation
Combining frequency bands in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, 4G LTE & 5G cellular, NFC & RFID, and covering UWB frequencies require a custom solution to save costs and lower the number of antennas needed to fulfill a certain connectivity requirement. Frequency ranges outside typical Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) options or a product embedded in a dielectric require a custom design to fit their use-case.
Customize a Mechanical Configuration
Other circuitry or structural elements can affect the radiation pattern and gain. A customized solution will take other ground planes and scatterers into consideration when optimizing for peak antenna performance.
Environmental Protection and Reinforcement for Harsh Environments
Outdoor antennas require higher Ingress Protection and environmental protection for certain regions. Depending on the product, this could include IP67, vibration endurance with structural reinforcement, and thermal accommodation to resist harsh elements.

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