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Antenna Simulation & Design

We simulate nearly any type of antenna including electrically large structures to capture scattering elements

RF Model Simulation

Simulation comes in many forms. Our team is focused on the performance targets for your product. Whether a design requires a full wave electromagnetic solver, or simply a quick prototype circuit, a solution that fits your need can be found.

HFSS CST FEKO AGILENT ADS Mician Wizard Professional Simulation Tools

Commercial Simulators

Solution Techniques

gps patch antenna solution results from hfss
large antenna simulation mesh model on the international space station

Large Model Simulation

Large model simulation can be daunting. With very large meshes, a solution could take days to acquire so it’s important to get it right the first time.

We take pride on our ability to scale electrical and mechanical models to focus important features to converge on a solution within a reasonable amount of time with the accuracy needed.

Faster Solutions Through Automation

fast antenna design and optimization with custom in-house python and c++ code libraries
Plot of physical optics residual optimization data converging to a solution


metallic 3d printing and CNC machining of rf feedchain networks

Feed Networks

We can help customize a feed to provide the best wireless performance no matter the waveguide used.

custom commercial antennas for Omni-directional and directional radiation patterns

Custom Antennas

No matter what your product connects to, an antenna can be tailored to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of hardware do you need to simulate antennas?
Simulation hardware ranges from a simple laptop to supercomputer depending on the problem size and algorithm used. Typically, the mesh size is dependent on the so-called electrical size of the problem. That is the physical size of the antenna in terms of wavelengths.
How do you determine the best algorithm for a problem?
Part of the job of an antenna engineer is to determine the right tool for the job. This can be a challenging task since a general simulator can solve nearly any problem, but slow to optimize. Whereas, faster algorithms can be very efficient to solve certain problems but neglect sometimes very significant sources that change from what is expected or measured.

Check out our blog on the different tools used for each part of the antenna design:

Antenna design tools

Our Simulation Expertise

✔ Familiar with electromagnetic solvers to chose the correct algorithm for a particular solution

✔ Applied advanced electrical modelling techniques to significantly reduce compute resources and simulation time without sacrificing accuracy

✔ Industry partnerships established to stay at the forefront of open-source and commercial software solutions that reduces overall design time and NRE costs

sketching engineering drawing on a pad

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