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AEM Antennas joins the Ansys Startup Program

AEM Antennas is proud to announce that it is now a member of the Ansys Startup Program, which allows for discounted access to their electromagnetic solvers such as Ansys Electronics Desktop and HFSS.

AEM Antennas Joins Ansys Startup Program Header

Using commercial simulation software allows faster convergence of realistic antenna structures that could include the surrounding mechanical elements such as packaging, radomes, and other metallic and dielectric elements.

Anyone familiar with the software will know that error between simulation and measurement is typically small. This will prevent needless manufacturing iteration to speed up product development with less surprises.

More organically shaped feed, antenna, and packaging are also now possible at AEM Antennas using Finite Element Solvers (FEM) and curvilinear elements. Combined with advanced metallic alloy 3d printing techniques, it’s possible to have considerable design flexibility.

Acquiring the Ansys startup license is a giant leap forward into the development of next generation of organically shaped antennas to save weight, cost, and reduce the antenna envelope.

Stay tuned for more interesting developments at AEM Antennas.

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